Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

3 Recorded Video
Recorded video
Using a Retrieval session, you can access the recordings from many cameras, and even
access many Multi sites, all at once.
3.1 Viewing Recorded Video
Start by selecting a Multi site and then running a Retrieval session. You can specify the
date and time of the start of the video. Recorded video reaches your PC until you end
the Retrieval session. Use procedures !35 to !39.
3.1.1 Selecting a Site
!35 To select a site
1. Run View; if you are not sure how to do this, see 1.1: Starting View, on p. 1–1.
2. Click the Sites tab.
3. Click a “site” name listed on the tab. See 1.2.1: Selecting a Multi Site, on p. 1–3.
3.1.2 Starting a Retrieval Session
!36 To obtain a tear-away, video player
After selecting a site, do one of the following:
on the Toolbar.
Right-click on the site name; on the shortcut menu that appears, click Retrieval.
- or -
Click Retrieval on the Actions menu.
Then, either :
a tear-away player appears in the session pane; a list of streams (cameras and
other data devices) is displayed; see figure 24.
- or -
a Connection dialog appears if there are other, optional connections to a site.
Select a connection, then click OK. A tear-away player then appears with its
streams, as in figure 24.
You can run retrieval and live sessions concurrently, from one or many sites.