Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Running View
Other guides
Other guides by Honeywell are available after installing View software:
Honeywell, Please Read This First!, K9700
———, Multi-Media Software: Software Setup Instructions, K5401
These user guides are available in Adobe’s portable document format (PDF), on the
View operator’s PC, by clicking:
Start / Programs / Rapid Eye Multi-Media 6.2 / Documentation / …
Web site
Customer Support
For installation questions, or for ordering and parts information, have your Multi SA
contact the vendor or distributor of the system.
For software training, or for reporting a malfunction, the Multi SA can call Honeywell
Multi Technical support at 1 (800) 796–2288.
Historical note about Multi-Media unit
You may find other names for a Multi-Media unit in older editions of user guides. Terms
no longer used are: data acquisition unit (DAU), remote video unit (RVU) and remote unit
(RU). They are recalled here to avoid confusion when talking about older versions and
models, such as Multi and Plus units, or for dealing with technical support.