Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Recorded Video
Fig. 31. Image size: menu and report, available in a camera window during a Retrieval
Resolution gauge: the resolution at which the recording was made
During a Retrieval session, a resolution gauge reports if a camera window’s size is
smaller-than-optimal, optimal or greater-than-optimal for the recorded resolution. The
icon is shown in figures 32 (for NTSC) and 33 (for PAL).
Fig. 32. Resolution gauge for NTSC: indicates resolution setting for video recorded by
that camera.
Fig. 33. Resolution gauge for PAL: indicates resolution setting for video recorded by that
Set a Multi-Media unit to use either NTSC or PAL cameras; both types cannot be
used on the same unit.
The resolution of the recorded video is shown by the resolution gauge. See tables 12
and 13. The red dot in the upper row of the icon indicates that the resolution applies to
recorded video.
Table 12
Recording: resolution selection for NTSC camera (pixel × pixel)
160×120 legacy* 320×240 640×240 640×480
Legacy, used by older Multi units, is included for compatibility. This setting has no icon.
Not available on Multi-Media LT units.