Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Alarms and Events
6.8 Multi-Media Event Reference
Your Multi SA, security personnel or View operators decide which events should trigger
Sources of events
outside world. Events triggered by sensors connected to a unit or by Rapid
Eye’s motion detection.
customer-device. Messages from a cash register, card swipe and so on, that
can be sent to a Multi-Media unit.
Multi-Media unit. For notification a Multi SA of events at the unit. Extended
power outages that stop a unit can also be monitored by connecting a Multi-
Media unit to an alarm panel. See 6.11: Fault Relay, on p. 6–21.
View operator. An administrator can trace events caused by View operators,
such as use of a site, and so on. Notification of such events usually matters
more than video.
Fig. 64. Alarms can be triggered by different sources.
By default, events are not set to trigger alarms. Setting events to trigger alarms is
an option; alternatively, events can be set to be only silently logged for
administrative purposes, and some to do nothing. See also 6.7: Setting an Alarm,
on p. 6–11.