Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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!74 To stop making a clip during an alarmed-live session
1. To stop recording, do one of the following:
the recording-a-clip button
close the live alarmed session.
2. Either:
save the clip. Type a name for the clip in the Save dialog that appears and
click OK.
discard the clip. Click Cancel.
6.3 Alarm Session
Depending on your selection of alarm handling options, a live alarm session may be
disabled. You can use an alarm session to see the list of alarms and/or acknowledged
alarms at a site.
6.3.1 The Alarm Session Window
You can run an alarm session even if no alarms are set or ringing.
!75 To run an alarm session
1. Using View, select a site on the Sites list.
2. Do one of the following:
Select the site; then click
on the toolbar.
Right-click on the site name; click Alarm on the shortcut menu.
- or -
Select the site; then click Alarms on the Actions menu.
3. If many connections to the unit are available, a Connections dialog appears.
Choose the network or dial-up connection that your Multi SA recommends you
use and click OK. An alarm window is displayed in the session pane. See figure
A Connections dialog does not appear if there is only one connection.