Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

9 Watching Site Tours
9.1 About Site Tour
Like most of the Multi security features, use of site tours is optional. Your Multi system
administrator (Multi SA) can inform you about which sites (if any) are part of a tour. Multi
View Operators can consider these guidelines as suggestions. They are intended to
complement your organization’s security policies and procedures.
Site Tour acts like a security guard: “electronically” visiting sites in a sequential order.
Once each site has been configured in the Rapid Eye / Multi Admin software to be part
of the Site Tour, you can connect and view the images on all available cameras at each
of the sites in the list. The specified duration in the Admin software limits the amount of
time that you can spend monitoring each site.
Fig. 72. Site tour information is displayed in the title bar
To set up a Site Tour, you need a Multi SA account and Admin software.
See the Rapid Eye Multi-Media Admin User Guide for information.