Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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Table 13
Recording: resolution selection for PAL camera (pixel × pixel)
192×144 384×288 704×288 704×576*
* Not available on Multi-Media LT units.
3.4 Ending a Retrieval Session
!46 To end a recorded video monitoring session
Do one of the following:
Close a “Retrieval from [site name]” window.
- or -
Click Disconnect on the Toolbar. This also closes other sessions (e.g., live
video, retrieval, alarm) at the site. On the Site action tab, beneath that site, the
“Retrieval” indicator is removed.
Exiting View also disconnects sites.
See also
audio. See 8.3: Recorded Audio on p. 8–2.
data. 11.1: Live Data, p. 11–1.
Live Video. 2.0, p. 2–1.
scheduling. See 12: Scheduling, p. 12–1. A Multi-Media unit can be scheduled to
suspend the recording of video feeds.