Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

6 Alarms and Events
6.1 About Alarms
A Multi system administrator (Multi SA) can set a Multi-Media unit to:
log events and/or have them trigger an alarm. No special hardware is needed
for such alarms: they ring on an operator’s PC. By default, some events are
always logged, for administrative purposes.
send alarms to a designated PC. Such a PC is then known as a Multi-Media
alarm station. See 6.10: Alarm Station, starting on p. 6–20.
Fig. 54. A Multi SA can set a unit to send alarms to a specific PC.
Alarm notification
When an alarm reaches a View operator’s PC, the alarm bell icon in View appears to
vibrate and the PC produces a beeping sound (figure 55).
Fig. 55. The alarm bell icon in View software
To stop the ringing of an alarm, click the alarm bell icon, shown in figure 55
Alarms are not acknowledged; only the ringing stops. Ringing resumes if session is