Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

10 Event Search Session
10.1 Overview
Preparation: only “logged” events can be searched
Before you can search for the record(s) of an event, you or your Multi SA needs to set
the event to “log” prior to an event’s occurrence.
Fig. 76. You can set a Rapid Eye Multi-Media unit to log an event.
See also
6.8.2: Logging Events Silently, on p. 6–18.
10.2 Searching for Event Records
!116 To find and list records of events
1. Click on a site in the Sites tab
2. Display the Events window by clicking
on the Toolbar.
3. Select events that you want to search for by: clicking an event tab (see figure
77, “Inputs” is selected) and clicking a checkbox next to the event, so that it
bears a checkmark.
4. Enter a date and time in the From and To boxes. Use of these boxes are
explained in the next procedures.
5. Click Start Search.
The Start Search button is unavailable until dates and times differ in From or To.