Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Searching for Motion
5.3 Search Report
!57 To obtain a report
After preparing a motion search (see 5.2, Preparation), and using the optional
motion options, click Search. A motion search report is produced. See figure
Motion is reported each time it is detected between the From and To date and time.
Fig. 43. Motion search report.
5.3.1 Report Options
Magnitudes filter (Filter Mag.)
In figure 43, you can see that the leftmost column of a report shows the magnitude, or
how strongly a video image has changed. Low magnitudes of 10% to 20% indicate that
gradual changes in lighting or slow movement are being detected. Higher magnitudes
(70% or more) usually mean quick motion or sudden, dramatic changes in lighting.
!58 To customize the range of magnitudes reported
1. After obtaining a motion search report, click in the magnitude filter’s Filter Mag.
From or To boxes, as needed.
2. Adjust the value by either:
typing a value
clicking on the arrows at the right-hand side of the box.