Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

8 Audio
8.1 Overview
Flexibility of Multi audio
Like most of the Multi features, use of audio is optional. Audio can monitored and
recorded along with video or independently of it.
Your Multi system administrator (Multi SA) can inform you about which Multi sites have
audio in an operational state.
Hardware need
View operators need a sound card in their PC to hear sound from the Rapid Eye site, to
send sound to it and to have the audio toolbar shown in figure 2, appear in the session
Fig. 2. Audio toolbar. When the mouse pointer is placed on a button, “tool help”
appears to identify the channel.
A Multi-Media unit offers two channels of audio. Each channel of sound can be
monitored independently or together. For Multi-Media LT, see 8.5: Audio for Multi-
Media LT.
The audio toolbar (illustrated in figure 2) does not appear on a PC without a sound
8.2 Live Audio
To listen to a Multi site
Click the channel 1 Listen button on the audio toolbar,
the channel 2 Listen button or both. See figure 2.
Listening is metered at the bottom of the peak-talk-listen metering of each channel.
See figure 2. Many users running live sessions to the same Multi site can listen in
at once. All sound sources are mixed at a Multi operator’s station, regardless of the
number of sites being monitored at once.