Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Alarms and Events
6.3.2 Acknowledging an Alarm
Why acknowledge (ACK) before REARM?
When operators ACK alarms, the alarms remain listed, for operator reference. Alarms
cannot be triggered again if not rearmed. This can be simpler than turning alarms off, for
example: during construction work or other temporary onsite situations. See your
security officer about alarm handling and alarm suspension.
!76 To acknowledge an alarm in an alarm session
1. Start an alarm session, or switch to one. If you are not sure how to do so, see
6.3: Alarm Session, above.
2. Select an alarm. A red, octagonal, status icon (
) identifies unacknowledged
alarms. See figure 60.
3. To acknowledge the alarm, click ACK (acknowledge). Its icon changes from
red to blue, and takes its chronological place in the acknowledged part of the
list. If other alarms remain unacknowledged, an alarm may keep ringing.
Clicking ACK ALL acknowledges all of the alarms at once.
The alarms are sorted chronologically.
Fig. 60. Alarm session components. A red square around a site’s connection icon
indicates that a site is sending alarms.