Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

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!117 To input different times and dates
Click on the part of the time or date that you want to change and either:
press cursor keys on the keyboard. The keys move the cursor to the next
field, and the keys increase/decrease a value.
type a value, as needed.
!118 To set the date of a retrieval with the calendar utility
1. In the Stream List dialog, display the calendar utility by clicking the arrow next
to the date box.
2. Click a date in the calendar. To go to another month, click the arrow keys next
to the month/year heading in the utility.
Fig. 77. Search for Events window
You cannot go beyond the limits of the log
Attempting to input or select dates or times beyond the limits of the log sets the input to
that limit.
10.2.1 Data Recording As Event
You can search for data recording rules for customer devices as you would other events.
However, there are no checkboxes for data recording rules. You have to click on a rule,
to find instances of it. For another utility used to search data recording records. See 11.3:
Searching for Data, on p. 11–1.