Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

Watching Site Tours
9.3 Site Tour: Properties
You can display properties of the site tour such as the sites to be visited and the duration
of time of each. These properties reflect the site tour settings made using Admin
software. See your Multi SA to setup or modify a site tour.
!112 To display site tour properties
Do one of the following:
Select a site tour on the Tours action tab and click [Properties] on the toolbar.
Right-click on a site tour and select [Properties].
Site Tour properties
Fig. 75. Site Tour Properties dialog
9.4 Stopping a Site Tour
While viewing camera images when conducting a Site Tour, you can temporarily
suspend a site. For example, if a robbery is in progress at one of the monitored sites,
you can suspend the Site Tour until the event is resolved. Then, you can resume the Site
Tour to continue to monitor other sites.
Once you resume, the site will be connected for the full duration time as specified for
that Site Tour in the Admin software.
!113 To pause a Site Tour
in the Player Window toolbar or select [File], [Suspend Tour]. Only
the time duration of the site tour is suspended. The live video retrieval of the site
is not affected.
!114 To resume a Site Tour
While suspending a site tour, click
in the Player Window toolbar or select
[File], [Resume Tour] to continue the tour. The current site tour resumes for the
remaining time as displayed in the Title Bar before the next site configured in
the tour is displayed.