Honeywell K5404V9 All in One Printer User Manual

FAQs: Find-it
13.4 FAQs
These answers to frequently asked questions (faq) include recommendations and
warnings by Honeywell.
On a dial-up connection: do not use audio. Video can be corrupted by using audio
over dial-up. Live video can be combined with audio only on a network connection. 2–1
“Stream” identifies the different feeds—video, audio or data—coming through a
Multi-Media unit. 2–2
Closing unnecessary camera windows can increase the speed of video feeds
from that site, most noticeably when connected using dial-up. 2–4
The Video quality of recording is customized globally. 2–7
“UTC” is also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 2–7
Customizing the time reference does not change the time on your Multi-Media
unit or your PC. Only the display changes. See also 6.9.1: Setting the Date for
Correct Alarm Sorting, p. 6–20. 2–8
Higher refresh rates can alleviate eye fatigue when monitoring video over time. 2–10
The setting for the resolution of recorded video does not change when live video
alters its resolution on-the-fly. 2–10
For live work, video at higher resolutions makes more use of the processing
power of an operator’s PC. 2–11
Set a Multi-Media unit to use either NTSC or PAL cameras; both types cannot be
used on the same unit. 2–11
You can run retrieval and live sessions concurrently, from one or many sites. 3–1
Dial-up connections cannot achieve playback speeds much greater than 2x,
even if the Speed Slider is set at higher values. 3–3
“Top-of-the-minute” means that the jump-to-time slider rounds partial minutes to
the earliest time. 3–4
Power outages and so on, can temporarily stop a unit from recording. When
recording resumes, there is a “hole” in the video archive. These holes can cause
the later media indicator to appear. 3–5
Recorded video cannot be retrieved at a higher resolution than the one at which
it was recorded. 3–6
Set a Multi-Media unit to use either NTSC or PAL cameras; both types cannot be
used on the same unit. 3–7
Honeywell recommends that changes to camera settings be tested by running
Live and Retrieval sessions, by a View operator or by the Multi SA. 4–2
Motion search works only if “motion detection” was enabled during the
recording of the video that you plan to search. 5–1