3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

If the switch is powered down or restarted, MSS does not retain the
values received from the DHCP server. However, if the IP interface goes
down but MSS is still running, MSS attempts to reuse the address when
the interface comes back up.
Configuring the DHCP Client To configure the DHCP client on a
VLAN, use the following command:
set interface vlan-id ip dhcp-client {enable | disable}
The vlan-id can be the VLAN name or number.
The following command enables the DHCP client on VLAN corpvlan:
WX1200# set interface corpvlan ip dhcp-client enable
success: change accepted.
You can configure the DHCP client on more than one VLAN, but the
client can be active on only one VLAN.
To remove all IP information from a VLAN, including the DHCP client and
user-configured DHCP server, use the following command:
clear interface vlan-id ip
This command clears all IP configuration information from the interface.
The IP interface table flags the address assigned by a DHCP server with an
asterisk ( * ). In the following example, VLAN corpvlan received IP address from a DHCP server.
WX1200# display interface
* = From DHCP
VLAN Name Address Mask Enabled State RIB
---- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------- ----- --------
4 corpvlan * YES Up ipv4