3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

3Com Wireless
Switch Manager™
A tool suite for planning, configuring, deploying, and managing a
3Com Mobility System wireless LAN (WLAN). Based on site and user
requirements, 3WXM determines the location of Wireless Switches
(WXs) and Managed Access Points (MAPs) and can store and verify
configuration information before installation. After installation, 3WXM
deploys the settings on the equipment and manages and verifies
configuration changes. To monitor network performance, 3WXM
collects WX and MAP information, calculates and displays MAP
neighbor relationships, and detects anomalous events — for example,
rogue access points.
3DES A three-round application of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) that
uses a 168-bit encryption key. See also DES.
802.1D The IEEE LAN specification for the operation of media access control
(MAC) bridges.
802.1p An IEEE LAN standard method for classifying packets in bridged virtual
LANs (VLANs). As part of 802.1Q protocol, 802.1p defines a field in the
VLAN tag of a frame header that provides class-of-service (CoS)
definitions at Layer 2. See also 802.1Q.
802.1Q The IEEE LAN standard that defines a protocol for filtering and
forwarding services at Layer 2. Ethernet frames are directed by means
of a tag inserted into the frame header. A virtual LAN (VLAN) identifier
(VID) field in the tag identifies the VLAN with which the frame is
802.1X The primary IEEE standard for port-based network access control. The
802.1X standard, which is based on the Extensible Authentication
Protocol (EAP), provides an authentication framework that supports a
variety of methods for authenticating and authorizing network access
for wired or wireless users. See also EAP; EAP-TLS; PEAP; TLS; TTLS.