3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Managing Configuration Files 611
To save the running configuration to a file named newconfig, type the
following command:
WX1200# save config newconfig
success: configuration saved to newconfig.
Specifying the
Configuration File to
Use After the Next
By default, the WX switch loads the configuration file named
configuration from nonvolatile storage following a software reboot. To
use a different configuration file in nonvolatile storage after rebooting,
use the following command:
set boot configuration-file filename
To configure a WX switch to load the configuration file floor2wx from
nonvolatile storage following the next software reboot, type the
following command:
WX1200# set boot configuration-file floor2wx
success: boot config set.
Loading a
Configuration File
To load configuration commands from a file into the WX switch’s running
configuration, use the load config command.
WARNING: This command completely removes the running
configuration and replaces it with the configuration contained in the file.
3Com recommends that you save a copy of the current running
configuration to a backup configuration file before loading a new
load config [url]
The default URL is the name of the configuration file loaded after the last
To load a configuration file named newconfig, type the following
WX1200# load config newconfig
Reloading configuration may result in lost of connectivity,
do you wish to continue? (y/n) [n]y
success: Configuration reloaded
After you type y, MSS replaces the running configuration with the
configuration in the newconfig file. If you type n, MSS does not load the
newconfig file and the running configuration remains unchanged.