3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying MAP Information 265
4 green local 1 4
radio_1 23
5 yellow tunnel wx_tun 5
radio_1 24
(For information about the fields in the output, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
Displaying ACL
Information for a
When a MAP is configured to perform local switching, you can display
the number of packets filtered by security ACLs (“hits”) on the MAP.
Each time a packet is filtered by a security ACL, the MAP’s ACL hit
counter increments. To display ACL hits for a MAP, use the following
display ap acl hits ap-number
For MSS to count hits for a security ACL, you must specify hits in the set
security acl commands that define ACE rules for the ACL.
The following command displays the security ACL hits on MAP 7,
WX# display ap acl hits 7
ACL hit-counters for AP 7
Index Counter ACL-name
----- -------------------- --------
1 0 acl_2
2 0 acl_175
3 916 acl_123
To display a summary of the security ACLs that are mapped on a MAP,
use the following command:
display ap acl map ap-number
This command lists only the ACLs that have been mapped on the
specified MAP. To list all committed ACLs, use the display security acl
info command. To list ACLs that have not yet been committed, use the
display security acl editbuffer command.