3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Assigning Authorization Attributes 497
For example, the following command restricts the MAC user group
mac-fans to access the network by using only TKIP:
WX1200# set mac-usergroup mac-fans attr encryption-type 4
success: change accepted.
You can also specify a combination of allowed encryption types by
summing the values. For example, the following command allows
mac-fans to associate using either TKIP or WEP_104:
WX1200# set mac-usergroup mac-fans attr encryption-type 12
success: change accepted.
To clear an encryption type from the profile of a use or group of users in
the local WX database, use one of the following commands:
clear user username attr encryption-type
clear usergroup groupname attr encryption-type
clear mac-user username attr encryption-type
clear mac-usergroup groupname attr encryption-type
Assigning and Clearing Encryption Types on a RADIUS Server
To assign or delete an encryption algorithm as the Encryption-Type
authorization attribute in a user or group record on a RADIUS server, see
the documentation for your RADIUS server.
8 Wired-Equivalent Privacy protocol using 104 bits of key
strength (WEP_104). This is the default.
16 Wired-Equivalent Privacy protocol using 40 bits of key strength
32 No encryption.
64 Static WEP
Table 45 Encryption Type Values and Associated Algorithms (continued)
Encryption Algorithm