3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

(To configure a radio profile, see “Configuring a Radio Profile” on page 240.)
frag-threshold 2346 Uses the short-retry-count for frames shorter
than 2346 bytes and uses the
long-retry-count for frames that are 2346
bytes or longer.
max-rx-lifetime 2000 Allows a received frame to stay in the buffer
for up to 2000 ms (2 seconds).
max-tx-lifetime 2000 Allows a frame that is scheduled for
transmission to stay in the buffer for up to
2000 ms (2 seconds).
preamble-length short Advertises support for short 802.11b
preambles, accepts either short or long 802.11b
preambles, and generates unicast frames with
the preamble length specified by the client.
Note: This parameter applies only to
802.11b/g radios.
qos-mode wmm Classifies and marks traffic based on 802.1p
and DSCP, and optimizes forwarding
prioritization of MAP radios for Wi-Fi
Multimedia (WMM).
rfid-mode disable Radio does not function as a location
receiver in an AeroScout Visibility System.
rts-threshold 2346 Transmits frames longer than 2346 bytes by
means of the
Request-to-Send/Clear-to-Send (RTS/CTS)
service-profile No service
profiles defined
You must configure a service profile. The
service profile sets the SSID name and other
wmm-powersave disable Requires clients to send a separate PSpoll to
retrieve each unicast packet buffered by the
MAP radio.
Table 12 Defaults for Radio Profile Parameters (continued)
Parameter Default Value
Radio Behavior When Parameter Set to
Default Value