3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying RF Detection Information 591
(For information about the fields in the output, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
display rfdetect data Displays information about all BSSIDs
detected on the air, and labels those that
are from rogues or interfering devices.
This command is valid on any switch in the
Mobility Domain.
display rfdetect visible mac-addr
display rfdetect visible
ap map-num [radio {1 | 2}]
Displays the BSSIDs detected by a specific
3Com radio.
display rfdetect countermeasures Displays the current status of
countermeasures against rogues in the
Mobility Domain.
This command is valid only on the Mobility
Domain seed.
display rfdetect vendor-list Displays the list of OUIs that are allowed on
the network. An OUI identifies a piece of
networking equipment’s vendor. (See
“Configuring a Permitted Vendor List” on
page 574.)
display rfdetect ssid-list Displays the list of SSIDs that are allowed on
the network. (See “Configuring a Permitted
SSID List” on page 576.)
display rfdetect black-list Displays the list of wireless clients that are
not allowed on the network. (See
“Configuring a Client Black List” on
page 577.)
display rfdetect attack-list Displays the list of wireless devices that you
want MAPs to attack with
countermeasures. (See “Configuring an
Attack List” on page 578.)
display rfdetect ignore Displays the BSSIDs of third-party devices
that MSS ignores during RF detection scans.
(See “Configuring an Ignore List” on
page 579.)
Table 50 Rogue Detection Display Commands (continued)
Command Description