3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring and Managing the System Log 623
Configuring and
Managing the
System Log
System logs provide information about system events that you can use to
monitor and troubleshoot MSS. Event messages for the WX switch and its
attached MAPs can be stored or sent to the following destinations:
Stored in a local buffer on the WX
Displayed on the WX console port
Displayed in an active Telnet session
Sent to one or more syslog servers, as specified in RFC 3164
The system log is a file in which the newest record replaces the oldest.
These entries are preserved in nonvolatile memory through system
Log Message
Each log message contains the components shown in Table 52.
Logging Destinations
and Levels
A logging destination is the location to which logged event messages are
sent for storage or display. By default, only session logging is disabled.
You can enable or disable logging to each destination and filter the
messages by the severity of the logged event or condition. (For details,
see Table 54, “Event Severity Levels,” on page 624.)
Table 52 Log Message Components
Field Description
Facility Portion of MSS that is affected
Date Time and date the message is generated
Severity Severity level of the message. (See Table 54, “Event Severity Levels,” on
page 624.)
Tag Identifier for the message
Message Description of the error condition