3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Core Files If a WX switch restarts due to an error condition (crashes), the switch
generates a core file in the temporary file area. The name of the file
indicates the system area where the problem occurred. Core files are
saved in tarball (tar) format.
Core files are erased when you restart the switch. You must copy the files
to a TFTP server or to the nonvolatile part of file storage before restarting
the switch.
To copy core files, use the dir command to list them, then use the copy
command to copy them. The following example shows how to list the
files and copy them to a TFTP server.
WX1200# dir
Filename Size Created
file:configuration 48 KB Jul 12 2005, 15:02:32
file:sysa_bak 12 KB Mar 15 2005, 19:18:44
Total: 60 Kbytes used, 207762 Kbytes free
Filename Size Created
boot0:WXA30001.Rel 9780 KB Aug 23 2005, 15:54:08
*boot1:WXA40101.Rel 9796 KB Aug 28 2005, 21:09:56
Boot0: Total: 9780 Kbytes used, 2460 Kbytes free
Boot1: Total: 9796 Kbytes used, 2464 Kbytes free
temporary files:
Filename Size Created
core:command_audit.cur 37 bytes Aug 28 2005, 21:11:41
core:netsys.core.217.tar 560 KB May 06 2005, 21:48:33
Total: 560 Kbytes used, 91147 Kbytes free
In this example, the core file is netsys.core.217.tar. (The
command_audit.cur file is not a core file and is created as part of normal
system operation.)
The following command copies the core file onto a TFTP server.
WX1200# copy core:netsys.core.217.tar tftp://
...........success: sent 573440 bytes in 1.431 seconds [ 400726 bytes/sec]
success: copy complete.