3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring WLAN Mesh Services 277
Enabling Link
Calibration Packets
on the Mesh Portal
A Mesh Portal MAP can be configured to emit link calibration packets to
with positioning the Mesh AP. A link calibration packet is an
unencrypted 802.11 management packet of type Action. When
enabled on a MAP, link calibration packets are sent at a rate of 5 per
The MP-620 is equipped with a connector to which an external RSSI
meter can be attached during installation. When an RSSI meter is
attached to an MP-620 and a calibration packet is received, the MP-620
emits a voltage to the RSSI meter proportional to the received signal
strength of the packet. This can aid in positioning the MP-620 where it
has a strong signal to the Mesh Portal AP.
To enable link calibration packets on a MAP radio, use the following
set ap num radio num link-calibration mode {enable | disable}
Only one radio on a MAP can be configured to send link calibration
packets. Link calibration packets are intended to be used only during
installation of MAPs; they are not intended to be enabled on a continual
Deploying the Mesh
After you have configured the Mesh AP with mesh services settings,
detach the
AP from the wired network and place it in the desired
location. The Mesh Portal AP must be within radio range of the Mesh
If the Mesh AP is an MP-620, you can configure the Mesh Portal AP to
emit link calibration packets, then connect an RSSI meter to the RSSI
connector on the MP-620. You can use the readings from the RSSI meter
to gauge the strength of the signal from the Mesh Portal AP, and place
the Mesh AP in a location with a strong signal.