3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 213
Specifying the Country of Operation 213
Configuring an Auto-AP Profile for Automatic MAP Configuration 218
Configuring MAP Port Parameters 224
Configuring MAP-WX Security 229
Configuring a Service Profile 233
Configuring a Radio Profile 240
Configuring Radio-Specific Parameters 246
Mapping the Radio Profile to Service Profiles 249
Assigning a Radio Profile and Enabling Radios 249
Disabling or Reenabling Radios 250
Enabling or Disabling Individual Radios 250
Disabling or Reenabling All Radios Using a Profile 250
Resetting a Radio to its Factory Default Settings 251
Restarting a MAP 251
Configuring Local Packet Switching on MAPs 252
Configuring Local Switching 253
Displaying MAP Information 256
Displaying MAP Configuration Information 256
Displaying Connection Information for Distributed MAPs 257
Displaying a List of Distributed MAPs that Are Not Configured 258
Displaying Active Connection Information for Distributed MAPs 258
Displaying Service Profile Information 259
Displaying Radio Profile Information 260
Displaying MAP Status Information 260
Displaying Static IP Address Information for Distributed MAPs 261
Displaying MAP Statistics Counters 262
Displaying the Forwarding Database for a MAP 264
Displaying VLAN Information for a MAP 264
Displaying ACL Information for a MAP 265
RF Load Balancing Overview 267
Configuring RF Load Balancing 268
Disabling or Re-Enabling RF Load Balancing 268
Assigning Radios to Load Balancing Groups 269
Specifying Band Preference for RF Load Balancing 269