3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Summary of Rogue Detection Features 573
Summary of Rogue
Detection Features
Table 48 lists the rogue detection features in MSS.
Table 48 Rogue Detection Features
Feature Description
Applies To
APs Clients
Classification MSS can classify third-party APs as
rogues or interfering devices. A
rogue is a third-party AP whose
MAC address MSS knows from the
wired side of the network. An
interfering device does not have a
MAC address known on the wired
MSS can detect rogue clients, locate
their APs, and issue countermeasures
against the APs.
Yes Yes
vendor list
List of OUIs to allow on the network.
An OUI is the first three octets of a
MAC address and uniquely identifies
an AP’s or client’s vendor.
Yes No
Permitted SSID
List of SSIDs allowed on the network.
MSS can issue countermeasures
against third-party APs sending
traffic for an SSID that is not on the
Yes Yes
Client black list List of client or AP MAC addresses
that are not allowed on the wireless
network. MSS drops all packets from
these clients or APs.
Yes Yes
Attack list List of AP MAC addresses to attack.
MSS can issue countermeasures
against these APs whenever they are
detected on the network.
Yes No
Ignore list List of MAC addresses to ignore
during RF detection. MSS does not
classify devices on this list as rogues
or interfering devices, and does not
issue countermeasures against them.
Yes Yes