3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring and Managing VLANs 91
If the WX switch that is not in the user’s VLAN has a choice of more than
one other WX switch through which to tunnel the user’s traffic, the
switch selects the other switch based on an affinity value. This is a
numeric value that each WX switch within a Mobility Domain advertises,
for each of its VLANs, to all other switches in the Mobility Domain. A
switch outside the user’s VLAN selects the other operational switch that
has the highest affinity value for the user’s VLAN to forward traffic for the
If more than one WX switch has the highest affinity value, MSS randomly
selects one of the switches for the tunnel.
Configuring a VLAN You can configure the following VLAN parameters:
VLAN number
VLAN name
Port list (the ports in the VLAN)
Per-port tag value (an 802.1Q value representing a virtual port in the
Tunnel affinity (a value that influences tunneling connections for
MAC restriction list (if you want to prevent clients from
communicating with one another directly at Layer 2)
Creating a VLAN
To create a VLAN, use the following command:
set vlan vlan-num name name
Specify a VLAN number from 2 to 4093, and specify a name up to
16 alphabetic characters long.
You cannot use a number as the first character in a VLAN name. 3Com
recommends that you do not use the same name with different
capitalizations for VLANs or ACLs. For example, do not configure two
separate VLANs with the names red and RED.
3Com recommends that you do not use the name default. This name is
already used for VLAN 1. 3Com also recommends that you do not
rename the default VLAN.