3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

To open the network plan:
1 Install 3WXM, if not already installed. (See the “Getting Started” chapter
of the Wireless Switch Manager User’s Guide or the “Installing 3WXM”
chapter of the Wireless Switch Manager Reference Manual.)
2 Start 3WXM by doing one of the following:
On Windows systems, select Start > Programs > 3Com > 3WXM
> 3WXM, or double-click the 3WXM icon on the desktop.
On Linux systems, change directories to
3WXM_installation_directory/bin, and enter ./3wxm.
If you are starting 3Com Wireless Switch Manager for the first time, or
you have not entered license information previously, the License
Information dialog box appears. Enter the serial number and License,
then click OK.
3 When the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager Services Connection dialog
appears, enter the IP address and UDP port of 3Com Wireless Switch
Manager Services (if installed on a different machine than the client), and
click Next.
4 If the Certificate Check dialog appears, click Accept to complete the
connection to 3Com Wireless Switch Manager Services.
5 Select File > Switch Network Plan.
6 Click Yes to close the plan that is currently open.
The Switch Network Plan dialog appears, listing the available network
7 Select QuickStart and click Next.