3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

This chapter describes how to manage user passwords, configure user
passwords, and how to display password information.
Overview 3COM recommends that all users create passwords that are memorable
to themselves, difficult for others to guess, and not subject to a
dictionary attack.
By default, user passwords are automatically encrypted when entered in
the local database. However, the encryption is not strong. It is designed
only to discourage someone looking over your shoulder from memorizing
your password as you display the configuration. To maintain security, MSS
displays only the encrypted form of the password in display commands.
Optionally, you can configure MSS so that the following additional
restrictions apply to user passwords:
Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters in length, and a
mix of
uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special
characters, including at least two of each (for example, Tre%Pag32!).
A user cannot reuse any of his or her 10 previous passwords (not
applicable to
network users).
When a user changes his or her password, at least 4 characters
must be
different from the previous password.
A user password expires after a configurable amount of time.
A user is locked out of the system after a configurable number of
failed login attempts. When this happens, a trap is generated and an
alert is logged.
(Administrative users can gain access to the system through the
console even when the account is locked.)