3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying IP Routes To display IP routes, use the following command:
display ip route [destination]
The destination parameter specifies a destination IP address.
To display the IP route table, type the following command:
WX1200# display ip route
Router table for IPv4
Destination/Mask Proto Metric NH-Type Gateway VLAN:Interface
__________________ _______ ______ _______ _______________ _______________ 0 Static 1 Router vlan:1:ip 0 Static 2 Router vlan:2:ip IP 0 Direct vlan:1:ip IP 0 Local vlan:1:ip: IP 0 Local vlan:1:ip: IP 0 Direct vlan:2:ip IP 0 Local vlan:2:ip: IP 0 Local vlan:2:ip: 4 IP 0 Local MULTICAST
This example shows dynamic routes added by MSS for two VLAN
interfaces, on VLAN 1 and on VLAN 2.
This example also shows two static routes, which have a next-hop type
(NH-Type) value of Router. Static routes have a default router, listed in the
Gateway field. The destination represents a default route. Here,
default router is reachable through the subnet on VLAN 1.
Route resolves the static route that uses the default router.
Default router is reachable through the subnet on VLAN 2 and
route resolves the static route to that gateway.
MSS adds routes with next-hop types Direct and Local when you add an
IP interface to a VLAN, when the VLAN is up. Direct routes are for the
locally attached subnets that the switch’s IP addresses are in. Local routes
are for destination interfaces configured on the WX switch itself.
MSS automatically adds the route to support the IGMP
snooping feature.