3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

After the MAP is configured with the above information, the next time
the MAP boots, the following takes place:
1 The MAP sends an ARP request for its own address, to ensure it is not in
use elsewhere in the network.
2 The DNS server resolves the fully qualified domain name of the WX
switch, wxr100.
3 The MAP sends a Find WX message to the WX switch WXR100.
4 The WX switch WXR100 responds to the Find WX message
5 The MAP sends a unicast message to the WX switch WXR100 and
determines whether it should use a locally stored image or download it
from the WX switch.
6 Once the operational image is loaded, WX switch WXR100 sends
configuration information to the MAP.
Service Profiles A service profile controls advertisement and encryption for an SSID. You
can specify the following:
Whether SSIDs that use the service profile are beaconed
Whether the SSIDs are encrypted or clear (unencrypted)
For encrypted SSIDs, the encryption settings to use
The fallthru authentication method for users that are not
authenticated with 802.1X or MAC authentication
Table 10 lists the parameters controlled by a service profile and their
default values.
Table 10 Defaults for Service Profile Parameters
Parameter Default Value
Radio Behavior When Parameter
Set to Default Value
attr No attributes
Does not assign the SSID’s
authorization attribute values to SSID
users, even if attributes are not
otherwise assigned.
auth-dot1x enable When the Wi-Fi Protected Access
(WPA) information element (IE) is
enabled, uses 802.1X to authenticate
WPA clients.