3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Quickstart Example This example configures the following parameters:
System name: WX1200-Corp
Country code (regulatory domain): US
System IP address:, on IP interface
The quickstart script asks for an IP address and subnet mask for the
system IP address, and converts the input into an IP interface with a
subnet mask, and a system IP address that uses that interface. Likewise, if
you configure this information manually instead of using the quickstart
command, you must configure the interface and system IP address
Default route:
Administrative user wxadmin, with password letmein. The only
management access the switch allows by default is CLI access through
the serial connection.
System Time and date parameters:
Date: 31st of March, 2007
Time: 4:36 PM
Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time), with an offset of -8 hours
from Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
Unencrypted SSID name: public
Username user1 and password pass1 for WebAAA
Encrypted SSID name: corporate
Username bob and password bobpass for 802.1X authentication
Directly connected MAPs on port 2, model AP2750
The IP addresses, usernames, and passwords in this document are
examples. Use values that are appropriate for your organization.