3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

You can specify a number between 0 – 2147483647. Specifying 0 causes
the number of allowable login attempts to reset to the default values.
If a user is locked out of the system, you can restore the user’s access with
the clear user lockout command. (See “Restoring Access to a
Locked-Out User” on page 70.)
For example, to allow users a maximum of 3 attempts to log into the
system, type the following command:
WX# set authentication max-attempts 3
success: change accepted.
Specifying Minimum
Password Length
To specify the minimum allowable length for user passwords, use the
following command:
set authentication minimum-password-length length
You can specify a minimum password length between 0 ñ 32 characters.
Specifying 0 removes the restriction on password length. By default, there
is no minimum length for user passwords. When this command is
configured, you cannot configure a password shorter than the specified
When you enable this command, MSS evaluates the passwords
configured on the WX switch and displays a list of users whose password
does not meet the minimum length restriction.
For example, to set the minimum length for user passwords at 7
characters, type the following command:
WX# set authentication minimum-password-length 7
warning: the following users have passwords that are shorter
than the minimum password length -
success: change accepted.