3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying and Changing Network Session Timers 565
Last packet signal strength: -60 dBm
Last packet data S/N ratio: 35
Protocol: 802.11
Session CAC: disabled
(For information about the fields in the output, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
The verbose option is not available with the display sessions network
session-id command.
To clear network sessions by session ID, type the following command with
the appropriate local session ID number.
clear sessions network session-id session-id
For example, the following command deletes network session 9:
WX1200# clear sessions network session-id 9
SM Apr 11 19:53:38 DEBUG SM-STATE: localid 9, mac
flags 0000012fh, to change state to KILLING
Localid 9, globalid SESSION-9-893249336 moved from ACTIVE to
Displaying and
Changing Network
Session Timers
MSS periodically sends keepalive probes to wireless clients to verify that
the clients are still present. The keepalive probes are null data frames sent
as unicasts to each client. MSS expects each client to respond with an
Ack. MSS sends the keepalives every 10 seconds. You can disable the
keepalives but the keepalive interval is not configurable.
MSS also maintains an idle timer for each user (wireless client). Each time
the client sends data or responds to a keepalive probe, MSS resets the idle
timer to 0 for the client. However, if the client remains idle for the period
of the idle timer, MSS changes the client’s session to the Disassociated
state. The default idle timeout value is 180 seconds (3 minutes). You can
change the timeout to a value from 20 to 86400 seconds. To disable the
timeout, specify 0.
Keepalive probes and the user idle timeout are configurable on a
service-profile basis.