3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring SNMP 145
The profile-name can be up to 32 alphanumeric characters long, with no
spaces. To modify the default notification profile, specify default.
The notification-type can be one of the following:
APBootTraps—Generated when a MAP boots.
ApNonOperStatusTraps—Generated to indicate a MAP radio is
ApOperRadioStatusTraps—Generated when the status of a MAP
radio changes.
APTimeoutTraps—Generated when a MAP fails to respond to the
WX switch.
AuthenTraps—Generated when the WX switch’s SNMP engine
receives a bad community string.
AutoTuneRadioChannelChangeTraps—Generated when the
RF Auto-Tuning feature changes the channel on a radio.
AutoTuneRadioPowerChangeTraps—Generated when the
RF Auto-Tuning feature changes the power setting on a radio.
ClientAssociationFailureTraps—Generated when a client’s attempt
to associate with a radio fails.
ClientAuthorizationSuccessTraps—Generated when a client is
successfully authorized.
ClientAuthenticationFailureTraps—Generated when
authentication fails for a client.
ClientAuthorizationFailureTraps—Generated when authorization
fails for a client.
ClientClearedTraps—Generated when a client’s session is cleared.
ClientDeAssociationTraps—Generated when a client is dissociated
from a radio.
ClientDot1xFailureTraps—Generated when a client experiences an
802.1X failure.
ClientRoamingTraps—Generated when a client roams.
CounterMeasureStartTraps—Generated when MSS begins
countermeasures against a rogue access point.
CounterMeasureStopTraps—Generated when MSS stops
countermeasures against a rogue access point.