3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Managing the Management Services 119
The command lists the TCP port number on which the switch listens for
HTTPS connections. The command also lists the last 10 devices to
establish HTTPS connections with the switch and when the connections
were established.
If a browser connects to a WX switch from behind a proxy, then only the
proxy IP address is shown. If multiple browsers connect using the same
proxy, the proxy address appears only once in the output.
Changing the Idle
Timeout for CLI
By default, MSS automatically terminates a console or Telnet session that
is idle for more than one hour. To change the idle timeout for CLI
management sessions, use the following command:
set system idle-timeout seconds
You can specify from 0 to 86400 seconds (one day). The default is 3600
(one hour). If you specify 0, the idle timeout is disabled. The timeout
interval is in 30-second increments. For example, the interval can be 0, or
30 seconds, or 60 seconds, or 90 seconds, and so on. If you enter an
interval that is not divisible by 30, the CLI rounds up to the next 30-second
increment. For example, if you enter 31, the CLI rounds up to 60.
This command applies to all types of CLI management sessions: console,
Telnet, and SSH. The timeout change applies to new sessions only.
The following command sets the idle timeout to 1800 seconds (one half
WX1200# set system idle-timeout 1800
success: change accepted.
To reset the idle timeout to its default value, use the following command:
clear system idle-timeout
To display the current setting (if the timeout has been changed from the
default), use the display config area system command. If you are not
certain whether the timeout has been changed, use the display config
all command.