3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Only one unsuccessful login attempt is allowed in a 10-second
period for a
user or session.
All administrative logins, logouts, logouts due to idle timeout, and
disconnects are logged.
The audit log file on the WX switch (command_audit.cur) cannot
be deleted,
and attempts to delete log files are recorded.
These restrictions are disabled by default.
This section describes the following tasks:
Setting a password for a user in the local database
Enabling restrictions on password usage
Setting the maximum number of failed login attempts for a user
Specifying the minimum allowable password length
Setting the length of time before password expiration
Restoring access to a user that has been locked out of the system
Setting Passwords for
Local Users
To configure a user’s password in the local database, type the following
set user username password [encrypted] password
For example, to configure user Jose with the password spRin9 in the local
database on the WX, type the following command:
WX# set user Jose password spRin9
success: User Jose created
The encrypted option indicates that the password string you are
entering is the encrypted form of the password. Use this option only if
you do not want MSS to encrypt the password for you.
By default, usernames and passwords in the local database are not
case-sensitive; passwords can be made case-sensitive by activating
password restrictions, as described in the following section.
To clear a user from the local database, type the following command:
clear user username