3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

message integrity
See MIC.
MIC Message integrity code. The IEEE term for a message authentication
code (MAC). See MAC.
Microsoft Challenge
minimum data
transmit rate
The lowest rate at which a Managed Access Point (MAP) can transmit
data to its associated mobile clients. If the data rate to a client drops
below the minimum, the MAP increases power, if RF Auto-Tuning is
Mobility Domain™ A collection of Wireless Switches (WXs) working together to support a
roaming user (client).
Mobility Profile™ A user (client) authorization attribute that specifies the Managed Access
Points (MAPs) or wired authentication ports the client can use in a
Mobility Domain™ group.
Mobility System
Software™ (MSS™)
The 3Com operating system, accessible through a command-line
interface (CLI) or the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager (3WXM) tool
suite, that enables 3Com Mobility System products to operate as a
single system. Mobility System Software (MSS) performs authentication,
authorization, and accounting (AAA) functions; manages Wireless
Switches (WXs) and Managed Access Points (MAPs); and maintains the
wireless LAN (WLAN) by means of such network structures as Mobility
Domain™ groups, virtual LANs (VLANs), tunnels, spanning trees, and
link aggregation.
MPDU MAC protocol data unit. In IEEE 802.11 communications, the data unit
(or frame) that two peer media access control (MAC) service access
points (SAPs) exchange through the services of the Physical layer (PHY).
An MPDU consists of MAC headers and a MAC service data unit
(MSDU). See also MSDU.
MS-CHAP-V2 Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2.
Microsoft’s extension to CHAP. MS-CHAP-V2 is a mutual authentication
protocol, defined in RFC 2759, that also permits a single login in a
Microsoft network environment. See also CHAP.