3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Overview 567
About Rogues and RF Detection 567
Rogue Access Points and Clients 567
RF Detection Scans 571
Countermeasures 572
Mobility Domain Requirement 572
Summary of Rogue Detection Features 573
Configuring Rogue Detection Lists 574
Configuring a Permitted Vendor List 574
Configuring a Permitted SSID List 576
Configuring a Client Black List 577
Configuring an Attack List 578
Configuring an Ignore List 579
Enabling Countermeasures 580
Using On-Demand Countermeasures in a Mobility Domain 581
Disabling or Reenabling Active Scan 582
Enabling MAP Signatures 582
Creating an Encrypted RF Fingerprint Key as a MAP Signature 583
Disabling or Reenabling Logging of Rogues 584
Enabling Rogue and Countermeasures Notifications 584
IDS and DoS Alerts 584
Flood Attacks 585
DoS Attacks 585
Netstumbler and Wellenreiter Applications 586
Wireless Bridge 586
Ad-Hoc Network 586
Weak WEP Key Used by Client 587
Disallowed Devices or SSIDs 587
Displaying Statistics Counters 587
IDS Log Message Examples 587
Displaying RF Detection Information 590
Displaying Rogue Clients 592
Displaying Rogue Detection Counters 593
Displaying SSID or BSSID Information for a Mobility Domain 594
Displaying RF Detect Data 596
Displaying the APs Detected by MAP Radio 596
Displaying Countermeasures Information 597