3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Encryption Configuration Scenarios 305
TKIP is already enabled by default when WPA is enabled.
6 Display the service profile wpa-wep to verify the changes. Type the
following command:
WX1200# display service-profile sp1
ssid-name: mycorp ssid-type: crypto
Beacon: yes Proxy ARP: no
DHCP restrict: no No broadcast: no
Short retry limit: 5 Long retry limit: 5
Auth fallthru: none Sygate On-Demand (SODA): no
Enforce SODA checks: yes SODA remediation ACL:
Custom success web-page: Custom failure web-page:
Custom logout web-page: Custom agent-directory:
Static COS: no COS: 0
CAC mode: none CAC sessions: 14
User idle timeout: 180 Idle client probing: yes
Keep initial vlan: no Web Portal Session Timeout: 5
Web Portal ACL:
WEP Key 1 value: <none> WEP Key 2 value: <none>
WEP Key 3 value: <none> WEP Key 4 value: <none>
WEP Unicast Index: 1 WEP Multicast Index: 1
Shared Key Auth: NO
WPA enabled:
ciphers: cipher-tkip, cipher-wep40
authentication: 802.1X
TKIP countermeasures time: 60000ms
7 Map service profile wpa-wep to radio profile rp2. Type the following
WX1200# set radio-profile rp2 service-profile wpa-wep
success: change accepted.
8 Apply radio profile rp2 to radio 1 on port 5 and to radios 1 and 2 on
port 6, enable the radios, and verify the configuration changes. Type the
following commands:
WX1200# set ap 5,6 radio 1 radio-profile rp2 mode enable
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set ap 6 radio 2 radio-profile rp2 mode enable
success: change accepted.
WX1200# display ap config
Port 5: AP model: mp-241, POE: enable, bias: high, name: MAP05
boot-download-enable: YES
force-image-download: YES
Radio 1: type: 802.11a, mode: enabled, channel: 36
tx pwr: 1, profile: rp2