3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring SODA Functionality 547
7 Specify a page for a client to load when the SODA agent checks run
successfully (optional). See “Specifying a SODA Agent Success Page” on
page 551.
8 Specify a page for a client to load when the SODA agent checks fail
(optional). See “Specifying a SODA Agent Failure Page” on page 551.
9 Specify an ACL to apply to a client when it fails the SODA agent checks
(optional) See “Specifying a Remediation ACL” on page 552.
10 Specify a page for a client to load when logging out of the network
(optional). See “Specifying a SODA Agent Logout Page” on page 553.
11 Specify an alternate name for the directory where the SODA agent files
for a service profile are located (optional). See “Specifying an Alternate
SODA Agent Directory for a Service Profile” on page 554.
12 Remove the SODA agent files from the WX switch (optional). See
“Uninstalling the SODA Agent Files from the WX Switch” on page 554.
Configuring Web
Portal WebAAA for
the Service Profile
In the current release, SODA functionality works in conjunction with the
Web Portal AAA feature. Consequently, Web Portal AAA must be
enabled for the service profile for which you want to configure SODA
See “Configuring Web Portal WebAAA” on page 460 for information on
configuring this feature.
Creating the SODA
Agent with SODA
Sygate On-Demand Manager (SODA Manager) is a Windows application
used for configuring security policies based on locations, and for creating
agents that enforce those security policies. For information on how to use
SODA Manager to create security policies, see the documentation that
came with the product.
You can use SODA Manager to create a SODA agent, configuring the
level of security desired according to the requirements of your network.
When a SODA agent is created (by pressing the Apply button in SODA
Manager), a subdirectory called On-DemandAgent is created in the
C:\Program Files\Sygate\Sygate On-Demand directory.
You place the contents of the On-DemandAgent directory into a .zip file
(for example, soda.ZIP) and copy the file to the WX switch using TFTP, as
described in “Copying the SODA Agent to the WX Switch” on page 549.