3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Mobility System Software (MSS) operates a 3Com Mobility System
wireless LAN (WLAN) consisting of 3Com Wireless Switch Manager
software, Wireless LAN Switches (WX1200 or WXR100), Wireless LAN
Controllers (WX4400 or WX2200), and Managed Access Points (MAPs).
MSS has a command-line interface (CLI) on a WX switch that you can use
to configure and manage the switch and its attached MAPs.
Overview You configure the WX switch and MAPs primarily with set, clear, and
display commands. Use set commands to change parameters. Use clear
commands to reset parameters to their defaults. In many cases, you can
overwrite a parameter with another set command. Use display
commands to display the current configuration and monitor the status of
network operations.
The WX switch supports two connection modes:
Administrative access mode, which enables the network administrator
to connect to the WX and configure the network
Network access mode, which enables network users to connect
through the WX to access the network
CLI Conventions Be aware of the following MSS CLI conventions for command entry:
“Command Prompts” on page 28
“Syntax Notation” on page 28
“Text Entry Conventions and Allowed Characters” on page 28
“User Globs, MAC Address Globs, and VLAN Globs” on page 30
“Port Lists” on page 32
“Virtual LAN Identification” on page 33