3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Managing 802.1X Encryption Keys 533
Managing 802.1X
Encryption Keys
By default, the WX switch sends encryption key information to a wireless
supplicant (client) in an Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN
(EAPoL) packet after authentication is successful. You can disable this
feature or change the time interval for key transmission.
The secret Wired-Equivalent Privacy protocol (WEP) keys used by MSS on
MAPs for broadcast communication on a VLAN are automatically rotated
(rekeyed) every 30 minutes to maintain secure packet transmission. You
can disable WEP key rotation for debugging purposes, or change the
rotation interval.
Enabling 802.1X Key
The following command enables or disables the transmission of key
information to the supplicant (client) in EAPoL key messages, after
set dot1x key-tx {enable | disable}
Key transmission is enabled by default.
The WX switch sends EAPoL key messages after successfully
authenticating the supplicant (client) and receiving authorization
attributes for the client. If the client is using dynamic WEP, the EAPoL Key
messages are sent immediately after authorization.
Type the following command to reenable key transmission:
WX1200# set dot1x key-tx enable
success: dot1x key transmission enabled.
Configuring 802.1X
Key Transmission
Time Intervals
The following command sets the number of seconds the WX switch waits
before retransmitting an EAPoL packet of key information:
set dot1x tx-period seconds
The default is 5 seconds. The range for the retransmission interval is from
1 to 65,535 seconds. For example, type the following command to set
the retransmission interval to 300 seconds:
WX1200# set dot1x tx-period 300
success: dot1x tx-period set to 300.