3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

seed (1) An input to a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), that is
generally the combination of two or more inputs. (2) The Wireless
Switch (WX) that distributes information to all the WX switches in a
Mobility Domain™ group.
SentrySweep™ A radio frequency (RF) detection sweep that runs continuously on the
disabled radios in a Mobility Domain™ group. See also RF detection
session A related set of communication transactions between an authenticated
user (client) and the specific station to which the client is bound.
Session Initialization
See SIP.
service set identifier See SSID.
SHA Secure hashing algorithm. A one-way hashing algorithm used in many
authentication algorithms and also for key derivation in many
algorithms. A SHA produces a 160-bit hash.
shared secret A static key distributed by an out-of-band mechanism to both the
sender and receiver. Also known as a shared key or preshared key
(PSK), a shared secret is used as input to a one-way hash algorithm.
When a shared secret is used for authentication, if the hash output of
both sender and receiver is the same, they share the same secret and
are authenticated. A shared secret can also be used for encryption key
generation and key derivation.
SIP Session Initialization Protocol. A signaling protocol that establishes
real-time calls and conferences over IP networks.
Spanning Tree
See STP.
SSH Secure Shell protocol. A Telnet-like protocol that establishes an
encrypted session.
SSID Service set identifier. The unique name shared among all computers
and other devices in a wireless LAN (WLAN).