3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

The default bias is high.
To change the bias for a Distributed MAP to low, type the following
WX# set ap 1 bias low
success: change accepted.
Disabling or Reenabling Automatic Firmware Upgrades
A MAP can automatically upgrade its boot firmware by loading the
upgrade version of the firmware from a WX switch when the MAP is
booting. Automatic firmware upgrades are enabled by default.
To disable or reenable automatic firmware upgrades, use the following
set ap apnumber upgrade-firmware {enable | disable}
Forcing a MAP To Download its Operational Image from the WX
A MAP’s operational image is the software that allows it to function on
the network as a wireless access point. As part of the MAP boot process,
an operational image is loaded into the MAP’s RAM and activated. The
MAP stores copies of its operational image locally, in its internal flash
memory. At boot time, the MAP can either load the locally stored image,
or it can download an operational image from the WX switch to which it
has connected.
By default, a MAP model that can locally store a software image on the
MAP will load the locally stored image instead of downloading its image
from the WX switch.
To force the MAP to always download its image from the WX switch
instead, use the following command:
set {ap port-list | dap dap-num} force-image-download {enable
| disable}
A change to the forced image download option takes place the next time
the MAP is restarted.
Even when forced image download is disabled (the default), the MAP still
checks with the WX switch to verify that the MAP has the latest image,
and to verify that the WX is running MSS Version 5.0 or later.