3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

History Buffer The history buffer stores the last 63 commands you entered during a
terminal session. You can use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to
select a command that you want to repeat from the history buffer.
Tabs The MSS CLI uses the Tab key for command completion. You can type
the first few characters of a command and press the Tab key to display
the command(s) that begin with those characters. For example:
WX1200# display i <Tab>
ifm display interfaces maintained by the interface manager
igmp display igmp information
interface display interfaces
ip display ip information
Single-Asterisk (*)
Wildcard Character
You can use the single-asterisk (*) wildcard character in globbing. (For
details, see “User Globs, MAC Address Globs, and VLAN Globs” on
page 30.)
Double-Asterisk (**)
Wildcard Characters
The double-asterisk (**) wildcard character matches all usernames. For
details, see “User Globs” on page 30.
Using CLI Help The CLI provides online help. To see the full range of commands available
at your access level, type the following command:
WX1200# help
clear Clear, use 'clear help' for more information
commit Commit the content of the ACL table
copy Copy from filename (or url) to filename (or url)
crypto Crypto, use 'crypto help' for more information
delete Delete url
dir display list of files on flash device
disable Disable privileged mode
display Display, use 'display help' for more information
help display this help screen
history display contents of history substitution buffer
load Load, use 'load help' for more information
logout Exit from the Admin session
monitor Monitor, use 'monitor help' for more information
ping Send echo packets to hosts
quit Exit from the Admin session
reset Reset, use 'reset help' for more information