3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

IGMP snooping A feature that prevents the flow of multicast stream packets within a
virtual LAN (VLAN) and forwards the multicast traffic through a path to
only the clients that want to receive it. A Wireless Switch (WX) uses
IGMP snooping to monitor the Internet Group Management Protocol
(IGMP) conversation between hosts and routers. When the WX detects
an IGMP report from a host for a given multicast group, it adds the
host’s port number to the list for that group. When it detects an IGMP
host leaving a group, the WX removes the port number from the group
Industry Canada See IC.
information element See WPA IE.
One of two IEEE 802.11 network frameworks. In an infrastructure
network, all communications are relayed through an access point (AP).
Wireless devices can communicate with each other or with a wired
network. The network is defined by the distance of mobile stations
from the access point, but no restriction is placed on the distance
between stations. Stations must request association with the access
point to obtain network services, which the access point can grant or
deny based on the contents of the association request. Like most
corporate wireless LANs (WLANs), which must access a wired LAN for
file servers and printers, a 3Com Mobility System is an infrastructure
network. Compare ad hoc network.
initialization vector
In encryption, random data used to make a message unique.
Institute of Electrical
and Electronic
integrity check value See ICV.
interface A place at which independent systems meet and act on or
communicate with each other, or the means by which the interaction
or communication is accomplished.
Organization for
See ISO.