3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

This command indicates that the Mobility Domain contains four
Distributed MAPs, with serial IDs M9DE48B012F00, M9DE48B123400,
M9DE48B123600, and M9DE48B123700. Each MAP is configured on
two WX switches, with system IP addresses and The
bias for the MAP on each WX is listed. Normally, a Distributed MAP boots
from the WX with the high bias for the MAP. (For more information, see
“Resiliency and Dual-Homing Options for MAPs” on page 184 and “Boot
Process for Distributed MAPs” on page 189.)
The AP field indicates the connection number of each MAP on the WX on
which the command is typed. A hyphen ( - ) in the DAP field indicates
that the MAP is configured on another WX in the same Mobility Domain.
Displaying a List of
Distributed MAPs
that Are Not
To display a list on Distributed MAPs that are not configured, use the
following command:
display ap unconfigured
The following command displays information for two Distributed MAPs
that are not configured:
WX1200# display ap unconfigured
Total number of entries: 2
Serial Id Model IP Address Port Vlan
----------- ------ --------------- ---- --------
0333001287 MP-101 5 default
M9DE48B012F00 AP2750 6 vlan-eng
Displaying Active
Information for
Distributed MAPs
A Distributed MAP can have only one active data connection. To display
the system IP address of the WX that has the active connection (the
switch that booted the MAP), use the following command:
display ap connection [apnumber | serial-id serial-ID]
The serial-id parameter displays the active connection for a Distributed
MAP even if that MAP is not configured on this WX. However, if you use
the command with the apnumber parameter or without a parameter,
connection information is displayed only for Distributed MAPs that are
configured on this WX.
This command provides information only if the Distributed MAP is
configured on the WX where you use the command.