3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Managing Configuration Files 609
Configuration Files
A configuration file contains CLI commands that set up the WX switch.
The switch loads a designated configuration file immediately after
loading the system software when the software is rebooted. You also can
load a configuration file while the switch is running to change the
switch’s configuration.
When you enter CLI commands to make configuration changes, these
changes are immediately added to the device’s running configuration but
are not saved to the configuration file.
This section describes how to display the running configuration and the
configuration file, and how to save and load configuration changes. A
procedure is also provided for resetting the WX switch to its factory
default configuration.
Displaying the
To display the configuration running on the WX switch, use the following
display config [area area] [all]
The area area parameter limits the display to a specific configuration
area. (For more information, see the Wireless LAN Switch and Controller
Command Reference.)
The all parameter includes all commands that are set at their default
values. Without the all parameter, the display config command lists
only those configuration commands that set a parameter to a value other
than the default.
To display the running configuration, type the following command:
WX1200# display config
# Configuration nvgen'd at 2004-5-10 19:08:38
# Image 2.1.0
# Model WX1200
# Last change occurred at 2004-5-10 16:31:14
set trace authentication level 10
set ip dns server PRIMARY
set ip dns server SECONDARY
set ip route default 1
set log console disable severity debug
set log session disable severity alert
set log buffer enable severity error messages 200
set log trace disable severity error mbytes 10